5 Star Rated

Lowell S.

Jul 26, 2015

I have been friends with Mike Savitsky for many years and he had started getting into serious photography in the early 1990's . He started out doing some weddings and Bar Mitvahs and at the time I needed a photographer for my sons Bar Mitvah so I hired Mike and he did an outstanding job . He knew what kind of pictures I wanted and covered every possible way of photographing this wonderful event. Over the years Mike built up a great resume of his work and was always in demand for many social events. He is hard worker and takes his photography very seriously . He knows all the technical aspects of photography and has kept up with all the new technological advances in photography , including the latest cameras lenses, software applications and added video to his work. He is always willing to learn new things and as much as he knows in the business, he is not afraid to ask other photographers like me for advice. He has been doing event photography and other photographic jobs for many years and is still working very hard in this demanding field. I would recommend him to anyone .

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